Henshin Course

Cosplay & Makeover

This set includes hair, makeup and cosplay rental

Customers who enter the Cosplay and Makeover course will be given the chance to choose their favourite cosplay outfit and have their hair and makeup done by our team of pros.

Just let our staff know your favorite anime/game character and what kind of henshin you would like to be given, and we will take care of the rest!

(Please note that there are limits to our range of costumes, but if you could let us know in advance what cosplay you would like to wear, we will do our best to get hold of it for you.)

・First, choose your costume

“Wonder if they’ve got my favourite outfit??”

・Once you’ve decided your character and outfit, it’s on to the salon for your hair and makeup henshin! With our friendly staff on hand, you can be sure your transformation will be super fun!

“The henshin is so exciting!”

・Once your henshin is complete, it’s time to head out to Kabukicho!

Our guests can choose a three, five or seven hour course:

3 hours 10,000yen

5 hours 15,000yen

7 hours 20,000yen

Our recommended course is without a doubt the Karaoke Course!

Head on over to our special Karaoke Room!!

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Please note

・The above course times all include approximately one hour to be spent on hair, makeup and changing
・Upon borrowing one of our costumes, we require customers to sign an agreement form


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