Karaoke Course

After you’ve had your henshin, our number one recommendation is the Karaoke Course!

One of our Japanese staff will escort you to our recommended karaoke establishment and stay there with you to sing, have fun and make sure you have an awesome time.

Doesn’t get much better than singing your favourite songs dressed up in your favourite cosplay!!

Karaoke is available as a two hour set, with the charge for one room coming in at 10,000 yen.

You can have an extravagant karaoke experience with just 2 or 3 people, but we also cater for larger parties of 10 or so.

Our price stays at 10,000 yen regardless of the number of guests.

Charge for one room and one staff escort - 10,000 yen

But here comes some even better news! For just an extra 5000 yen, we will arrange for a pro singer to join you and sing all your favourite anime songs, j-pop and visual kei.

Charge for one room and one professional singer – 15,000 yen

This is the kind of experience you can only get here at The Geisha Cosplay so don’t miss out!

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Please note

There is an extension charge for guests who choose to stay in karaoke longer than 2 hours.


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